what’s in a name?

We were once told to watch out for pairs of green dragonflies, flying in tandem, because they were sure signs that the rain was coming.  This entemological fact seems hardly significant in itself.  An interesting tidbit. The significance of the statement for us is wrapped up in the time and place which this fact was shared.  

We lived in North Kenya through the months and nearly two years of prolonged drought amidst a landscape of cracked earth, dying animals and people starving for food and water,- for rain.

And so prayed for rain, for relief, for redemption and expectantly we began watching out for little green insects to arrive.  How to explain the joy and excitement when one day we saw sets of green metallic wings!  With each sighting, we felt a joyous expectation of the hope that the rain was certain to come, and with it would bring the restoration of the land, the redemption of the people, the relief of suffering. 

And so, when we think of returning to Kenya, to serve and work alongside the Samburu, living in the rural backdrop of the North,- where drought and suffering are expected seasons of life, we want to be those little green dragonflies.  We want to signal that same excitement for the present Hope of Jesus and incite anticipation for what is to come. We want our lives to declare, “The Rain is coming!”  Redemption for the Nations, for the land, for lives, for hearts….