smorgasboard of goodness

I should have known that a 6 month old baby was not a reliable alarm clock, mistake number one…. mistake number two was thinking that we could get ready,- clothed, brushed and breakfasted by 900 am to make it to VBS on time after having just awoken at 835am.  Shouts of parental alarm echo through the halls giving a mere 10 minute bed to van ETA. I merge down the stairs to find a half-dressed Lily with wild hair blubbering on the bottom step.  “whaaaat about breaaaakfaaast?” she sobbed.

It strikes me now, although not in that particular moment, that my prayers were being answered.  I had prayed in the pre-waking moments that God would bestow me with an extra measure of patience and peace today.  However in the midst of the teary protest of four under-fed children and one under-caffeinated brain, I simply felt annoyed at Lily and at God.

For one,- God,- really,- this is how my day is to begin?  Didn’t I come to you and ask for a measure of your patience and peace?

And Lily, seriously child, you are not exactly withering away with malnutrition,- when have we simply not fed you? (ok, your dad excepted, when have I simply not fed you)  On what reality are you basing this illogical fear that we are going to let you starve as you sit there simpering?

Packed in the minivan at 859am still yet to acquire a take-out (or rather eat in-the van) breakfast, my grumbling heart is soothed somewhat by Tim Horton brew which slowly eases my brain into thought.

contemplating…..Well,- I did kind of ask for this, this morning,- I had prayed for patience today,- and God, instead of giving me patience, you provided an opportunity in which to exercise patience. Hmm, not quite passing this test am I?

A few sips and stop lights later, I realize how ridiculous I must sound to God some days.  I am like a silly little girl who thinks her Father has forgotten her breakfast. I sit on the proverbial steps of life with eyes blinded to the evidence all around me of how God takes care of my every need, and teary eyed, I call out to Him, in a whimpering way, “What about breakfast?

Thank you Lord for looking after me today, and for your Grace that encompasses me every moment. Thank you for showing me that lessons can be learned in a minivan when you wake up an hour late and are running 15 minutes behind….Oh, and Lord, thank you for a lifetime of  lavish breakfasts.