car conversations (just for laughs)

We had a great time today joining with Waterford Community Church for a morning of worship.  On the ride home, Luke and Lily were paired together in the backseat. Lily, for lack of any sisterly attention, took the opportunity to recruit her brother into a role playing game in the backseat. Our interest was piqued and we listened in…. it went something like this:

(Lily to Luke) “Luke, pretend that I am the love of your life”, Luke: “OK”

Lil: “now, ask me to marry you”,

Luke: “Ok, marry me!”

Lil: “Now we are married!

Luke: “well what do we do now??”

Lil: “I think we go on a honey moon”

Luke:  “OK, you get the honey, I’ll build the rocket”.

Oh to simply be little children once again!  I momentarily had a vision of Luke’s endeavors to build a rocket shuttling his ‘wife’ to the moon! Hopefully the glue, tinfoil and the toilet paper rolls hold up Luke!

thank you Lord for the blessing of children who remind us to think big!