It has been a while 

Since last writing the kids have finished reading The Wizard of Oz, Ramona Quimby Age 8 and moved on to reading the Hobbit.  Jesse is near to crawling and has finally cut a tooth; we visited friends, churches, supporters and family in New brunswick, nova scotia, ottawa and toronto; We have spoken at  a missions conference, prayer group, ladies meeting, children’s sunday school, men’s breakfast ,Christmas banquet & seniors group. We have had 4 open houses.  When reflecting on all that has occurred in the last few weeks, it seems that we have indeed been busy!  There have been many praises along the way. Praises for safety in travel, praises for saints who share their wisdom, for encouraging friends, for the generosity of those known and unknown, for the beauty of the Autumn cloaked in her coat of many colours praising the Father. There are so many things to be thankful for, blessings without number which surround us, uplift us and bless us in the most unmerited ways.

 Thank you for your prayers for us.  Where would we be without the prayers of the saints?  The divine remembrances before the throne for which we are ever asking but completely undeserving. Thank you for your kindness to think of us.

 Ending or beginning 

In many ways it feels that we are in our final lap of 2012,  and we have to admit, December seems to bring us to the end of our energy, resources and efforts.   We stand at the edge of the year looking forward to the horizon of 2013 and can not help but wonder about what this year will bring.  The next few months as we see them now are full of uncertainties and unknowns.  We have tickets booked for January 15th ,- will we make those flights? We are nearly at 90% of our funding will we be able to raise the rest? It can be an uncomfortable position not knowing if you are coming or going, and some days we fear that it is easy to lose heart and lose sight of God’s continual leading, provision and sustenance.

In the shadows the sun still shines

I remember this fact, on grey november days which are filled with cold, damp air and somber skies, luring me to hibernate in body and soul within a cloak of bleak comfort. It is harder to praise when the dark surrounds, because it is harder to see the glory of his presence.  The sky does not illuminate, the trees do not dance, the cold spears my face to numb. My heart sinks. I look around and in my poor vision I can see only a barrenness.  On these days I am a sullen soul. Why do I not see beyond the shadows?  Why do I not ponder in my heart that beyond that thin transparent atmosphere there is a sun shining brightly. How fading my thoughts are to forget the source of radiance that is ever present, even when I can not see it.

 eyes on the prize

The other day I was singing to myself one of my favourite songs “Eyes on the Prize” (Sara groves), and I was struck by the epiphany that I had been mistaken in my interpretation of the lyrics.  This song has encouraged me in months past to keep our eyes on the prize of getting to Kenya, of starting ministry, making it through those last hoops (it seems) to live out the burden that is so pressing to minister to the Samburu.  About the 2nd time around for the chorus,- the realization comes,- “wait a minute,- I already have the prize.”  the prize isn’t boarding a jet plane for Kenya in January (as our circumstances would dictate), The prize is Christ, and I already have Him!  What the challenge it is for me is to to keep my eyes on THAT prize, the prize of Him and hold on.  Hold on during times of uncertainty, hold on during times of challenge, hold on during times of distress or trial or difficulty.  Hold on.  And not with just the white knuckled, muscle cramping, just barely grasping edge kind of a hold, but with a grip that is confident and relaxed, knowing that I am holding onto the hands of the Father who will never let me go. And when doing these two things, how can I not be transformed? The Spirit whispers, you are looking at Jesus,- how can you be discouraged in light of such love and beauty,- you hold the hand of the Father, how can you think that anything is but possible?  Oh for my heart and my mind to rest in the truth that my circumstances can never change the hope that is within me for He is my portion.


 “For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.”

I think 2 Chronicles 20:12 could very well be the theme verse of my life.  Jay would note his is Romans 8:28,29 attesting to God’s great power of redemption in the life of man… but mine, well,- it is more a plea for my Maker to recognize that I can not but falter to take a step on my own without His help (but oh, how I try!)

And so, we come again to Him and to you, our prayer warriors and leave our request and affirm our confidence is in Him,- for whatever may come in the next weeks and months.  We would ask for your prayers that God would make straight the paths ahead for us, that if it is His desire we would be able to board a plane come January,- but if it is not, and we are to wait, that we would have peace in our hearts.

Thank you for your prayers for us, for wisdom in these days of waiting, for the Samburu, for the work that goes on in Kurungu, for our partners the Swanepoel family who ministers alone for a while, for our children who await a ‘new life’.

blessings and peace be upon you.  may you keep your eyes on the Prize in these days and hold on.