catching up… thoughts from January

Tidings of Great Joy….

Not too long ago we were celebrating Emmanuel- the impossible yet amazing reality that God would love us so greatly that He would chose to dwell amongst us, to become like us.  He would chose to understand what it is to bear this flesh we live in, to know joy and pain and discomfort and restlessness. That God would humble Himself to be born a baby, learning the lessons of a toddler, seeking the instructions of a child, knowing the pressures, despairs and difficulties of man so that He could become our High Priest, our intercessor who can sympathize with us because He has experienced every experience and emotion we could possibly know. OH how He loves us!  And yet,- He confounds us at times, His wisdom too great,   “His love too high” as Elisabeth Elliott once penned.

The last few weeks, amidst the waiting and wondering,- I would look (listlessly at times) out our backyard window and watch the cardinals perch on the snowy branches.  They looked like rubies on snow that glistened like a thousand little diamonds.  And my thoughts turned to a song,- one that seemed to fit so well, like it was written for me and for the moment.

“I was about to give up and that’s no lie, cardinal landed outside my window threw his head back sang a song so beautiful,- it made me cry….  from this one place I can’t see very far, and in this one moment I am square in the dark.  But these are the things I will trust in my heart,- You can see something else.” (Sara Groves)

And oh, how I longed for Him to see something else in me, (beyond my worry and doubt) and to see something else in the darkness in which I could not perceive the next step or the next day ahead.

Today we are rejoicing with hearts joyous with what He has done!  In unexpected timing, a week after we had taken our house off the market,- Our HOUSE SOLD!  As it turned out we had 2 offers on the same day after months of nothing!  And so with great excitement we can say,- The Callaghan’s are making their way to Kenya boarding a plane on February 3rd 🙂

It would be easy to say casually, “I knew God would work things out perfectly.”  And it seems that they did indeed work out perfectly. It would be easy to announce that our faith has seen us through. But that would, in fact be a bit of a lie. It was His grace not our faith; it was the prayers of the Saints (YOUR prayers); and it was His provision of patience and comfort as He exchanged our weakness for His strength.

So we bring you tidings of Great joy for what He has done.  We long to praise Him for His care and keeping through these months and for His continual faithfulness to us in both the worry and now in the wonder and excitement of the days to come.

with merry hearts, overflowing with gratitude,

Jay, Laura, Nathan, Luke, Lily and Jesse