Well, we made it!  30 hours after arriving at Pearson Airport in Toronto, we landed softly into the beds at Mayfield guesthouse, careful to put down the mosquito nets but pretty well unconscious to everything else.  We thank God for travelling mercies,- for children mesmerized by in-flight entertainment and quiet sleeping babies (Jesse slept the entire second 8 hour flight!).  We are thankful for help at the airport, kind airport check in and friends to help with luggage both in Canada,- and in Nairobi. Thanks to Mr. George, who greeted us with a warm smile unchanged from 6 years of absence and for the Mayfield staff who made us feel at home once again! We are thankful that one out of 4 bank machines (and various bank cards) worked at the Nairobi airport so we could take out the necessary funds for our entry visas and did not need to sleep in the airport!  We are amazed that all of our bags arrived! We are thankful for first sips of chai, drinking in the sights of bouganvillea vines and purple jacarandas, tropical trees and beautiful birds. We are thankful that the kids have made friends already (Canadian missionaries from Winnipeg).  As I write I can hear squeals of laughter as little boys hunt  lizards and play tag, and one happy little girl swings on the tree swing with pigtails flying while we work on errands and visas and purchase of cell phones and groceries and sunscreen! We are thankful for the ability to arrange a charter airplane through Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to take us and our belongings up to Kurungu for a short visit prior to leaving for language study.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with thankfulness.  We have left dear family and friends, but find ourselves amongst friends, surrounded by a different beauty and with a familiar fellowship amongst God’s family here in this place.

Pictures to come… thank you for your prayers!