made it to Tanzania….

THANK YOU for your prayers!  This is just a quick note and update to let you know that we have made it to Tanzania in one piece.  We boarded a shuttle at 800 am in Nairobi (a little skeptical given the number of people waiting to travel… but we made it on,-our luggage too.  We sat beside a lady from Winnepeg who is teaching at Turi, and International school near Mount Kenya and fondly remembered Tim Horton’s coffee and Swiss Chalet sauce.  

THE border was a bit crazy,– perhaps due to the upcoming elections in Kenya,- it seemed that there were hundreds trying to cram into a small immigrations office, fighting for a spot in the line.  It was like a mosh pit of national and international tourists vying for space, forms and pens for which to complete the forms.  Outside were vendors selling peanuts and lukewarm water.  I have never been to a border where you walk across from one side to the other!

We realized as we were just leaving the bus that our needed immunization documentation was left in Kurungu for Nathan, Luke and Lily (I was so focused on getting Jesse his yellow fever shot in time that I forgot to bring the other kids records). Thankfully because the border was so busy, we were not stopped and made to return to the Kenyan side because of our lack of proof of immunizations…. We were also able to help a fellow Canadian, who we were squished up against in line who was travelling with 2 small children, but had forgotten the US dollars needed for entry.  We were able to help him with the fees,- and then later, caught up with him quite by accident in Tanzania!  Funny story is that he and his wife work for an international livestock research firm and have been to Kalacha!  We invited them to come visit Kurungu when they next travel to North Kenya to work on research.  Life here is always interesting!

We landed tired, but not too worse for wear at 2pm at the Impala hotel in TZ.

Thank you for your prayers for safety, guidance, wisdom and protection.  Pray also for Kenya,- on Monday are the elections there are rumours of both peace and conflict that may arise from the voting and results.  Pray for peace and for protection for the Kenyan people and the missionaries who work there during this time of uncertainty.

We are not too sure about email or internet while in TZ for 6 weeks, but will give updates if we can!

Under His grace and mercy,  The Callaghans