porcupines, pythons and leopards… oh my!

snake chaseWell, two of those three anyway!  The python we are still not sure about,- we have only heard reports of its whereabouts.  The leopard we heard in the night time, the coughing “bark” like nothing we have heard before,- and as for the porcupine, it lost a few quills trying to dig under our fence…. I  The wildlife here is varied and vibrant.  We are amazed at God’s creatures and have come to appreciate their beauty and their danger as well.  We are thankful for God’s protection (and many prayers!).  I think the last I reported there was a snake in the roof (and Jay was away).  Well, we did indeed get that snake the following day.  It seemed to want to play hide and seek in the thatch for a while.  Every time I would spot it, I would  go and call for one of the day guards to help kill it, the snake would hide again.  So the kids and I decided that we would make a snake stake out!  We moved homeschool books and spelling tests to the living room so we could be on the lookout. After about 2 hours of our ‘operation- green mamba’ we saw a little head peek through the thatch, one of the kids ran to get a guard and with a stick and a rake the snake met it’s fate.  Ohh the adventures.  Last night I woke up to hushed little boy whispers, “Luke I think it’s a bushbaby!”, only to discover the kids had caught a mouse and were subsequently trying to pit it against the cat,- it was like a ‘mini gladiator’ at 3 am!  Boys!

I am working on getting a newsletter out soon!  These days I find the amount of time I think it will take to accomplish a task, I should triple that estimate (at least).  Feeling rather guilty about not writing either post or newsletter, I set about to get the computer out at the table.  Lately the station has had battery problems so the power is not there to keep our internet going.  Yesterday afternoon was the perfect chance to get some “updates” done!  I sit down, turn on the computer, (this is great I think, Jesse asleep, bread rising on the table, kids playing quietly….) then, “hodi” a knock at the door… I let out a big sigh UHHHH…. and with a rather ungracious spirit opened up the door.  I was immediately put in my place as what met my eyes was a mama with a 2 year old boy who had fallen into the fire and burned both his legs.  He was shaking with pain, naked apart from his mothers covering. I was able to provide some pain medicine and treatment for the burns.  It is hard sometime to find the right balance, rest and work and service and sanctuary…. but I think it comes down to the heart and what is found there….
Yesterday I was reminded of my pride and my arrogance that wants to (again and again) put “me” first and my agenda planned for the day.  I am learning to wake up and ask God what He has for me, instead of simply praying for help to get through what I have planned.
Sorry this posted is scattered and tangential, I think it is a reflection of the days of the last weeks….more posts to come,- hopefully soon.  Thank you for your prayers for us.