the medicines have arrived….and so has half the village

'callaghan clinic'

patients line in queue to be treated


We have been praying for some time for the order of medicines to arrive in Kurungu. We have heard of the great needs of the Samburu around Kurungu to have access to health care. We have had opportunities to transport the sick to the Clinic in the next town when the health needs are significant,- I have visited in the mynyattas and have heard of those who live with epilepsy or chronic illness without any treatment….But it wasn’t until Thursday that we had a real sense of the health needs here.  An AIM plane from Nairobi came to bring to us our outstanding volunteer, “Miss Kathleen” for the summer and also delivered 7 boxes of various medicines and equipment.  135 kgs of aid arrived and within a few hours so did the patients.  I am not sure how word spreads so quickly,- but it seems I have not stopped since Thursday afternoon seeing and treating patients.  Yesterday I finally had to turn people away (until Monday).  It was a great feeling to have such a practical way to help people.  It is something else to listen to a mama voice her worries and concerns for her child, to receive a soft “asheoling” (thank you) from the mamas and the skeptical stares and screams from the small children when I neared to assess them.  So far I am surprised with the acuity of the complaints,- Burns, pneumonia,chronic conditions, skin infections, fungal diseases and other ailments that I have no idea about, “this boy is allergic to sheep fat and these are his symptoms”…. leave me researching and wondering how to deliver the best care I can give.

For now, Mondays and Thursday mornings are going to be “clinic mornings” with hopes once we get a vehicle to travel into the mynyattas to help those that are around the mountain and in hard to reach areas.  Pray for me, pray for Jay as he helps with the homeschool during those times, pray for the kids that they feel apart of the work and not simply waiting on the sidelines…