prayers for peace & patient updates

Jonah with his mother and younger brother

Jonah with his mother and younger brother

Thanks for your prayers!  We are ok, far from Nairobi, but a bit unnerved from the latest news of the terrorist attack and hostage taking.  The only hostage taking in Kurungu has been cows stolen in the village of Longerin. We heard this afternoon that the Turkhana raided the Samburu animals, but so far there have been no reports of injuries. Pray that things remain peaceful in Kurungu and throughout the country.

On Monday we flew two boys to Kijabe hospital for urgent treatment.  Just 10 and 12 years old, Jonah and Dorena boarded a A.I.M. caravan plane to fly the 2 hours to Kijabe Hospital. I can not imagine what they must have thought up in the air,- flying away from all that they have known wondering what must lay ahead.  How the animals they are so familiar herding must have looked like tiny specs on the ground. To see the top of Mount Nyrio which looms about the mynyatta, to watch the landscape change from arid to lush, from mynyatta to metropolis.

leaving on a jet plane...

leaving on a jet plane…

Both boys were received by Dr. Mara one of the orthopaedic surgeons who is taking charge of their care.  He notes that they are both receiving medical management to stabilize basic needs, nutrition and medicine for infection.  When deciphering weights for the plane I was astonished to realize that both boys weighed (together) only 75lbs!  Both boys will need surgery, although Jonah with TB to the spine will need it more urgently.  He has some movement in one leg which holds out the hope that perhaps the surgery will be able to restore his ability to walk. Dorena will also need surgery, with one leg significantly shortened by bone infection, I am hoping there will be some way that his walking can be restored.  4 months ago Dorena was a student in grade eight until the pain became so great he was unable to leave his house.




Mzee Daudi accompanied the boys.  Daudi is Jonah’s uncle and has struggled with active TB  for which he has received and completed treatment.  His breathing continues to be laboured and we are not sure if he has some permanent lung damage.  Since he will be near hospital, we hope that he will also be able to have a few tests and an x-ray.


Mzee Daudi and family

We will keep you posted in the weeks to come on news for these two boys, three patients.  Thank you for your prayers for them! If any are willing to help in some small way to the cost of their care, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:   or Facebook message us! We have set up a project fund called, “The Least of These” through AIM, where donations can go directly to the care for the urgent needs of these two boys!