twists and turns….

our life seems to be sometimes, like those tiny winding rivers that we see out of the window of  the cessna 206.  They start small and then widen, turning, moving, cutting through mountain and bush, over rock and desert. They flood, they falter and dry out ending in mud-baked lugas showing evidence of previous life, a trail of former glory. They create areas of green lushness, leaving a wake of various hues of green splendour. They cut through the landscape without mercy. They are beautiful, unrelenting, a force of creation, a handprint of the Creator.

river view

Our days, at times twist and turn, moving with a force of events that are outside of our control. As much as we try to stand against, stand still in the flowing waters, we succumb to the movement that breaks even the most stubborn stance.   And in the wake of our days, we pray, there is the evidence of the handprint of our loving Creator.  That the many twists and turns of our moments would in turn shape us into people who would praise Him, even in those unforeseen, unanticipated twisting places, where we tumble down waterfalls  perhaps or bash against the rocks or peter out into dryness.

This past week we felt to be in the midst of those moving waters. Unsure, unsteady, moving.  On Valentine’s day we flew from Kurungu to Kijabe.  I keep teasing Jay, that he goes to great lengths to get out of any romantic obligation.  The last medivac was our anniversary!  This time, it was Jesse, our sweet, 2 year old (less a day), who urgently needed assessment.  He was a trooper for 5 days of high fevers, chills, mysterious rash, rapid heart rate and ragged breathing.  By Friday, even given the good antibiotics he was taking, his grey colour made even my usually high threshold for panic lower to the point where a flight was deemed necessary.

SO, in this unexpected turn, Friday morning turned into a flurry of activity.  Holding a listless feverish sad little baby while packing, organizing, preparing to go to hospital on the plane that was already en route. Nathan, Luke and Lily stuffing their backpacks with treasures such as favourite animals, lego constructions and nerf guns, unsure of how much or what to take, happy for the moment that homeschool appeared to have been forgotten.  Our neighbours so helpful to come and remove burdens of the details of station management, closing the house, caring for the animals, bringing get well cards and well wishes and promises of prayers for the journey ahead.

By 2pm, we had landed at Kijabe hospital.  The welcome sight of Dr. Pete and Libby, Finn and Gabe waving along the airstrip sidelines as our plane landed.  Guided quite brilliantly into the airstrip by Jeff, who (although I feared for a moment that we would possibly crash into the side of the elevated plateau holding the landing strip) made a difficult landing seem easy.

We were delivered to a house where we could unload our luggage, the older kids given lunch and play time with Finn and Gabe, while I, Jay and Dr. Pete took Jesse up to the hospital for further examination.  Some tests later, it appeared that Jesse has pneumonia. His loud protests against blood work and intravenous evidence that although his oxygen was low (83%), he still had some respiratory reserves left!  A night in hospital, a babe connected to oxygen prongs and IV tubing and a next day discharge in time for a surprise birthday cake (thank goodness only 2 candles to blow out) Jesse continues to recover.

jesse boy

jesse boy

Thank you for your prayers!  We will stick around a bit longer to make sure that Jesse is definitely on the mend. We will check on Ntallasso who is here at Kijabe receiving treatment. Homeschool continues. Nerf gun sessions are booked with other Rift Valley students for after school hours. Jay catching up on report writing and organizing the work force (by phone) to build the Girls’ School a fence, while sending in lesson plans to cover the next week or so. The busyness continues, the river rushes, we stand, we hope, in the wake of this new place and these unforeseen circumstances, to once again witness the provision of the Creator, the beauty as only He can see of all the twists and turns of the past, present, and those that are yet to come.