About Us- In a Nutshell


JAY-  husband, father, cat-caretaker, teacher, specializes in volume, guitar playing, song writing, kid entertainment (yes, including puppetry), car packing and making friends.

LAURA – wife, mother, lunch maker, nurse practitioner, artist, writer, reader, gardener. Specializing in finding lost items drinking coffee and stitching wounded stuffed animals.

NATHAN-(11) spirit of adventure, big brother, light saber wielder, the Callaghan Karate kid, specializes in fun and laughter, original quotations and care for others.

LUKE- (10) sweet boy, big and little brother, specializes in hugs, in cat petting, in hobbit-like eating, bedtime prayers and kindness.

LILY-(8) awesome daughter, little sister, specializes in humming, picking flowers, drawing rainbows and creating treasures for others.

Jesse (3)- Cookie Monster, loves walks, hugs and handshakes!

Eve (3 months)- beautiful babe, smiles & cuddles and laughing eyesIMG_0366